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Role of UX designer vs UX architect vs UX analyst

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Role of UX designer vs UX architect vs UX analyst

By: Sun Programs on 01 Sep, 2016

UX, UI, designer, etc. are some of the terminologies that you might hit across if you have been searching for what should make an apt career for you if you are associated with the world of designing.

So, now my question is how good are you at designing websites?

When I say website designing, let me remind you one more fact, as we are in the year 2016, and if you can generate a static website, then, it is no big deal. Even, the kids can do that, when they are experts at developing apps, need we say more?

Now, you know what kind of websites is it that I am going to discuss here?

All those carousels, hamburgers, responsive websites, fluid sites and what not!

Did you know that every around 140,000 websites are being launched on an average per day since the year 2012?

But, not all these websites are a success as they don’t even manage to reach the top results over the search engines. What a pity!

UX and UI are two major factors that influence the success of business, and these two aspects of modern website designing are closely related to the users.

How do you work to enhance the UX of your website’s design?

You need an expert UX designer who could put everything in place. But, before the UX designer, you need a UX analyst to analyze the entire scenario and help, customize a suitable solution.

One important fact that you need to accept when talking about UX designers and analysts is that these professions need to be viewed from different perspectives.

A UX analyst can do the job of a UX designer and UX analyst. But, a UX designer can take up the role of a designer and not an analyst.

So, if you are preparing to hit the world of UX, it would be great if you can train yourself to be a UX analyst. But, a UX designer is the one who manages the art of perfectionism and ensures that the user experiences awesomeness.

You might be wondering that you haven’t heard much about the so-called term “UX Analyst” and “UX Architect.” The point is anything related to UX is labeled under UX designer as it covers a broad scope of UX design.

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